Osteopathic Approach to Small Animal Rehabilitation

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Osteopathy is a non-pharmacological, "hands-on" approach that encourages the body
to heal itself by using the body's intrinsic forces and corrective mechanisms to achieve

The emerging field of osteopathy in general, or Animal Normalization Therapy (ANT©)
in animal rehabilitation has tremendous potential to help treat all animals with a variety
of back, neck, and shoulder problems, and it may be particularly useful for agility dogs,
geriatric animals, and service dogs
. Animal Normalization Therapy is a unique form of
manual therapy where the focus is on restoring abnormal and dysfunctional tissues
and rhythms in the body back to their normal and healthy functions. A regimen of animal
normalization treatments commonly helps restore an animal's normal function more
quickly and permanently than by stretching and strenghtening exercises alone.

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