Osteopathic Approach to Small Animal Rehabilitation

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Osteopathy is a non-pharmacological, "hands-on" approach aimed at strengthening the body's own defense mechanisms. Osteopathy - derived from the Greek words "osteon" (tissue) and "pathos" (feeling) is essentially "feeling the motion of tissues".

It is an established medical system of diagnosis and treatment with its main emphasis on the STRUCTURAL and FUNCTIONAL integrity of the body!

Osteopathy may be divided into two techniques;
Direct - practitioner (chiropractic) thrusts through the restrictive barrier, and
Indirect - practitioner setting up the tissues to "unwind" and move through the
restrictive barrier on their own.

Animal Normalization Therapy is defined as "a unique combination of manual therapy techniques derived from the principles of osteopathy with its main goal to "normalize"
vascular, lymphatic, neurological, and fascial dysfunctions in the body".
It helps return
the dysfunctional motilities to its homeostatsis within the body.

ANT© builds upon Dr. Andrew Taylor Stills conclusion that unity of function is
dependent upon fascial, vascular, and lymphatic systems by integrating them within
each of the indirect techniques utilized by the practitioner rather than treating them
separately. These techniques restore an animal's normal function more quickly and

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