Gluten/IBS Case Study - Colin


Colin's Gluten-induced Syringomyella

I have a seven year old cavalier "King Charles" spaniel named Colin. Over the past two years he started
showing signs of SM (syringomyella). He batted at his face uncontrollably 3 or 4 times an hour for a minute
at a time. He would also cry out if you petted him on the head or neck. He had days where he acted like he
had a very bad headache, crying out often, keeping his head down, and being very uncomfortable.

We changed him to a gluten free diet almost a year ago when one of our other dogs was having physical
therapy for a back injury, and we found the gluten was causing inflammation in his nerves and cranium.

Seeing the benefits of the diet combined with the physical therapy, led me to ask Patricia if we could try
and help Colin.

Colin started physical therapy in the winter and the results have been amazing. Now Colin is no longer
batting at his head. He occasionally scratches, but for a very short time and not often. He only has headache
days when he gets into gluten and he welcomes petting on his head and ears. He seems generally more
relaxed and at ease. The work Patricia has done has been a godsend for our sweet dog.

DanaLynn, Portland, Oregon

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