Gluten/IBS Case Study - Oliver

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Oliver's Neck Pain

PET LOVERS: To say I was a little skeptical when our vet referred us to a holistic physical therapist for
our French bulldog, Oliver's pain syndrome is an understatement.

The vet thought he had a pinched nerve in his neck after having taken a tumble down the stairs. The pain,
however, had preceded the fall. Once in therapy, after addressing the issue with hs neck, our discussions
turned toward diet. Even though Oliver's diet did not contain much gluten other than an oat filler, it turns
out he has a highly sensitive gluten intolerance that was affecting his vital organs.

His musculature was tensing around his right kidney in particular, making his spine curve and causing
spasms. My husband, Jeff, assisted in both the therapy sessions and actually felt the release of muscle
tissue and vasculature as Patricia worked.

After only two sessions, we now have a dog who no longer screams out in pain with what was thus far
undiagnosed. Oliver got such relief from the sessions that afterward he was like a little drunken sailor, but
is now like a puppy, completely pain free again. His gluten-free diet of "people food" is no more expensive
than the high-end dog food we were feeding him.

Thank you, thank you to the unbelievably talented Patricia Kortekaas, PT, at South Hills Physical Therapy
for giving us our little dog back. Links to similar therapy facilities throughout the US and Europe are on her

DD, Corvalis, Oregon

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