Case Studies

Case studies

Osteopathic Case Studies

Case studies provide the treatment process and results using osteopathic techniques
taught in my courses. The osteopathic nomenclature used to describe these case
studies is thoroughly covered in each course.

   Flint is a frequent visitor to our classes.

   He is not a case study, but loves everyone
   to practice their techniques on him.

   Here is a clip from his 18th birthday.

The "Aha's"

During the course, someone will comment that they have a patient with the exact
symptoms explained in class, but hasn't been responding well to their treatment.
Now they have some ideas of what to do differently.

Here are some their "Aha's" and the course they were taking:

  • Elize (sacro-cranial)- Treating dog for pituitary problems with fat pads caudal to
    kidneys. Aha: Maybe the sphenoid is sheared.
    (When the spenoid is sheared, it puts stress on the cranial nerves, ears, and pituitary.)

  • Holly (sacro-cranial) - Has a seizure dog with IBD, and constant ear inflammation.
    Aha: Get it off gluten, do cranio-sacral work, and check vagus nerve.

  • Tania (extremities) - 5 month old St. Bernard limping on right front forelimb for 4
    months. Veterinary diagnosis was possible elbow dysplasia, although radiographs
    showed no evidence. The owner tried acupuncture and massage before bringing the
    pup to Tania. The glide and slide of the radius/ulna were stuck and used functional
    indirect to unwind the bones. After one session there was 30% improvement. The
    second session included a vascular protocol with heart roll with 90% improvement,
    and no recurrence after last session.
    Aha: Realizing that perhaps elbow dysplasia can be prevented by eliminating
    restrictive barriers before they become a problem.

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