Cranio-sacral Techniques for Small Animals

Cranio-Sacral Class

Cranio-sacral Techniques Class Outline
Class Registration Form March, 2020 (pdf)

Students will learn:

  • Neuroanatomy of the cranio-sacral system of canines
  • Arthrokinematics of the cranial bones
  • Review of connective tissue interrelationships
  • Atlas axial mechanics
  • Cranio-sacral dysfunctions
  • Manipulation of neuro tissue, blood vessels and nerves

    Day 1:
  • Overview of the history of cranio-sacral
  • Bones of the skull
  • Gait patterns related to skull
  • Vault, spring, and hook testing

    Day 2:
  • Review of paired and unpaired bones
  • Reciprocal tension membranes (RTM)
  • Cranial nerves
  • Speed reducers

    Day 3:
  • Vascular overview
  • Cranial sutures
  • Temporal bone assessment
  • Sphenobasilar assessment
  • Practice paired bones examinations

    Day 4:
  • Practice mid bones examinations
  • Practice full cranial exam
  • Spenobasilar motion with sacrum
  • Neuro integrational gait patterns overview
  • Questions and answers

  • Students practicing Poodle cranial exam

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