Osteopathic Approach to Small Animal Rehabilitation

Introductory Class

Required prequisite for all courses

Animal Normalization Intro Class Outline
Class Registration Form (pdf) March/April, 2024

Students will learn:

  • Osteopathic and functional indirect terminology
  • Shock, lymph, gluten impaction, and beginning fascia
  • Sacral mechanics and gait analysis
  • Mechanical exam

    Day 1:
  • Introduction to the Principles of Osteopathy
  • Functional indirect terminology and techniques
  • Identification of areas of greatest resistance
  • Walking the gait cycle

    Day 2:
  • Overview of Anatomy Trains
  • Beginning lymphatics techniques
  • Beginning vascular techniques
  • Examination

    Day 3:
  • Hierarchy of protective mechanisms
  • Gluten impaction
  • Gluten release protocol
  • Beginning spinal and sacral mechanics

    Day 4:
  • Lumbo-pelvis dynamics
  • Pelvic paradigm
  • Cervical spine
  • Sympathetic overdrive protocol

    Mechanical Exams:
    mech exam

    mech sit
  • neck exam pelvic paradigm

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