Course Description

Course Information

Each course is a 4-day intensive tutorial using Animal Normalization Therapy
techniques following an Osteopathic Approach:

  • For veterinarians, vet. technicians, physical therapists, and other health care
  • Lecture, demonstration, and hands-on applied practice with an emphasis on
    palpatory skills
  • Human and animal comparison will be illustrated
  • Uses the principles of motion testing, inherent tissue motion, and motion in
    relation to the restrictive barrier
  • Inter-related (Introduction, Advanced and Spinal Mechanics are mandatory
    requirements for the other courses)
  • Approved by the Oregon and Washington Veterinary Licensing Board,
    Oregon Physical Therapy Licensing Board for CEUís, and American Holistic
    Veterinary Association (currently for the Extremity Class only.)

  • Saturday "Nutrition Morning" is an one-hour class that blends lecture and
    hands-on testing for a variety of topics focused on humans, such as:
    gluten, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, blood chemistry analysis, and
    heavy metal toxicity. Classes differ with each course.
    Taught by Karen Dvornich, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Certified
    Gluten Practitioner. Fee: $25

To secure a place in the course, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required.
Retakes must occur within three years for a discount.
  • Introduction, Advanced, Spinal Mechanics: $500. After three years: $700.
  • Extremities, Cranial, Vascular/Lymph, Fascia: $700. After three years: $850.

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