Meet Patricia Kortekaas


I graduated from “The Hague Academy for Physical Education and Physical Therapy” in the Netherlands
in 1985 and immigrated a year later to Eugene, Oregon. I live here with my family and enjoy sailing,
skiing, biking, hiking, and riding VESPA scooters.

I specialize in manual therapy and osteopathic techniques for humans and small animals. I have
taken osteopathic classes from several doctors of osteopathy including Geoffrey D. Maitland, Ola
Grimsby, Freddy Kaltenborn, Phillip Greenman, Edward Stiles, John Upledger, Lauren Rex, and many
other manual therapy practioners including Frank Lowen, LMT, who is the founder of the Lowen
Systems in Washington State.

In OSTEOPATHY, we believe you use the body's own intrinsic corrective mechanisms to restore full
and total body functioning. The body has a protection hierarchy to protect when it is stressed:

  • Vascular and Lymphatic systems to save their vital forces, and unifying Fascia
  • Nervous system for communication
  • Organs for digestion
  • Endocrine system
  • Musculo-skeletal system

This means you need the skills to be able to manipulate in all these specific areas when there are
dysfunctions present. The exciting part of my physical therapy career has been to get to this level of
practice, and to be able to go beyond the normal physical problems in the body.

About 15 years ago, my Golden Retriever "Bengeltje" started limping on her front leg while on a walk.
I manipulated her shoulder just as I did with humans, and we continued our walk, limp free. I thought
animals might achieve the same benefits from the manipulations I used on humans. I began studying
the anatomy of many animals and began on this marvelous adventure of animal physical therapy.

Using my strong biomechanical background, I pioneered the development of integrated osteopathic
techniques for small animal rehabilitation, including cranial osteopathy, functional indirect, vascular and
visceral techniques. These techniques are integrated into the work at my manual therapy clinic,
South Hills Physical Therapy Clinic for People and Pets

After teaching classes for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Council in California in 2004, I began leturing on
osteopathy and gluten sensitivity to veterinarians and physical therapists in Europe and North America.
In 2006, I began offering the 4-day courses presented on this web site.

Although I am not a nutritionist, as a physical therapist I can see the impact
of the wrong nutrition on the musculo-skeletal system.


2004 - Third International Symposium for Veterinary Medicine & Animal Rehabilitation, Raleigh,
           North Carolina

2005 - Combined Section Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association, New Orleans,

2006 - Oregon Physical Therapy Association Spring Conference, Eugene, Oregon

2006 - Willamette Valley Veterinary Association, Eugene, Oregon

2007, 2009 - American Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association

2007 - Wild West Veterinary Conference, Reno, Nevada

2011 - International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, San Diego, California

2012 - Oregon Physical Therapy Association Spring Conference, Portland, Oregon

2013 - 2022 American Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association (AHVMA), Kansas City,
            Missouri; Tulsa Oklahoma; Fitchburg, Massachusetts; Orlando & West Palm Beach, Florida

2019 - IAAMB/ACWT - NBCAAM Joint Conference, Seattle/Des Moines, Washington

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