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Animal Normalization Therapy

The Secrets of Nature’s Design are Alignment and Lubrication!

Andrew Still DO, the founder of Osteopathy, created a form of medicine that is over 150 years old that focuses on the healing of Nature’s structure, form, and function of the body. Doctors of Osteopathy go through the same rigorous training as medical doctors, with their main emphasis on the STRUCTURAL and FUNCTIONAL integrity of the body!

Dutch physical therapist, Patricia M. Kortekaas, PT, developed Animal Normalization Therapy© (ANT) techniques for veterinarians and animal rehabilitators using the common Principles of Osteopathy. One of the most distinct principle of osteopathy is the importance that the body protects itself and survives the impact of an injury.

The body will PROTECT around a HIERARCHY of IMPORTANCE:
   1. Blood supply, lymph system, and unifying fascia
   2. The central, peripheral and autonomic nervous system
   3. The organs
   4. Endocrine system
   5. Musculo-skeletal system

ANT© uses the categories listed above in examination and treatment methods to restore the body back to full health and function. The musculo-skeletal examination is used to determine WHERE to begin treatment for the patient. Once the Area of Greatest Restriction is identified, then it is determined WHAT somatic (body) dysfunction it is, and HOW it can be resolved!

What do practitioners do in the specific mechanical exam? Their hands are “instruments”, used to feel for joint restrictions in the spine and extremities. This is bascially feeling for a loss of glide and/or slide in the joint capsule. A “healthy” joint has a “springy” joint end feel, and a dysfunctional joint has a “hard” end feel usually caused by a trauma. A trauma to the body is defined as a sudden pull, compression and/or shear to the tissues that can cause restrictions in joints and tissues.

What is Animal Normalization Therapy?

Animal Normalization Therapy© (ANT) is defined as “an unique combination of manual therapy techniques derived from the Principles of Osteopathy with its main goal to ‘normalize’ and ‘restore’ vascular, lymphatic, neurological, and fascial dysfunctions in the body”.

ANT© is subdivided into six unique categories:
   1. Vascular Normalization Techniques (VaNT) – manipulation of blood vessels
   2. Lymphatic Normalization Techniques (LyNT) – resolve lymph stagnation
   3. Fascia/Dura Normalization Techniques (FaNT and DuNT) – alter fascial lines
   4. Neurological Gait Normalization Techniques – resolve gait alteration
   5. Cranial-Sacral Normalization Techniques (CrsNT) – cranium/dura techniques
   6. Functional Indirect Techniques (FIT) – unwinding techniques

Patricia is currently developing unique Canine and Equine Lymphedema techniques (osteo-lymphatics) that are based on the use of neuro-physiological reflexes and osteo-phonics (use of tuning forks) to quickly address the superficial and deep lymph stagnation in the body.

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