Case Studies - Renny
Case Studies - Renny




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      • Renny – Head Trauma
      • History
        Renny, now 9 years old, was brought to our vet clinic when he was about 12 weeks old for severe
        head trauma. The owner said he was hit in the head by an elliptical machine, but I was skeptical of

        He was in a coma for about a week and was treated with steroids. He had visual and neurological
        impairment when he regained consciousness. His owner abandoned him and he was to be
        euthanized. When I heard this, I couldn’t let this kitty who fought so hard to survive die, so I took

        His growth was stunted and even now looks like a 5-6 month old kitten. He will not do right turns
        and bumps into walls. He is visual, but doesn’t see well and has poor depth perception. He can lose
        his balance when jumping onto the couch. His gait is “choppy” which is difficult to determine if it’s
        neurological or depth perception/double vision, probably a combination of both.

        When petted his skin on his back ripples. He has been treated with acupuncture and chiropractics
        early on and later with Animal Normalization Therapy (ANT) using shock, lymph, cranial sacral
        and functional indirect techniques. His bouts of rage have decreased considerably, but he still is a

        In May of 2019, I tried the Dura Protocol we learned in the Fascia/Dura ANT class on Renny and
        he is doing 90-95% better.

        I worked on him in two stages. I did the first session while he was laying on the bed and I was
        able to do the sacrum, S3-Cd1, Cd10, L7-S1 before he had enough. Then about 30-60 minutes
        later, he came to sit on my lap and I took the opportunity to finish the protocol. It was when I got
        to the head that he really started to relax.

        It was AMAZING to feel the release of the falx. It was a huge wave (it felt as if his head was
        actually sinking/folding in on itself). I made sure to balance the cranial-sacral rhythm
        afterwards. He relaxed so much that he slept on my lap for about 15 minutes. Usually he’d only
        let me hold him for 5 minutes or so before he became uncomfortable/restless and wanted down.

        He has very minimal rippling of the skin on his back when I pet him and his walk is more fluid
        now. It’s been a week and so far so good.

        The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that his ear isn’t bothering him. It would be several times a day
        he’d stop and dig at it. No treatment I did seemed to last very long. Oh yes, he’s not as grumpy. He
        still has his moments, but much quieter amongst the other cats.

        I’ll continue with the fascia work on him and checking cranial rhythms. Thanks again for sharing
        your knowledge. You’re amazing!!

        Karen N.