Lameness Case Study - Max

Max by Lake Max swimming

Foot infections

Max, my 8 year old pitbull/lab mix began experiencing lameness and continual foot infections.
After hundreds of dollars spent on blood work, x-rays, acupuncture, and drugs, he only worsened over
time, to the point of not eating and losing interest in life.

One vet even impled euthanasia in the not-so-distant future. I was at my wit's end not knowing what
to do, and then a homeopathic vet in Ashland mentioned Patricia Kortekaas's clinic in Eugene.

Following a session with Carla Salido, DVM and then Patricia with osteopathy focusing mainly on
vascular and lymphatic normalization techniques, as well as ceasing all drugs while changing his diet,
Max improved dramatically. We changed his diet to a gluten free, raw food diet. Within four months,
he was better than he was in his earlier years! His recurring foot infections are now gone. His coat is
shiny and healthy. His lameness is gone, and most of all, he's happy to be running on the beach and
swimming in the lakes.

I feel so blessed to have found such amazing practitioners! Truly, they changed our lives! I'm eternally
grateful to them and what they've done to improve Max's life as well as mine.

Thanks, Karin

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