Nutrition Night
      • Rule of the Artery I Class Outline

        Students will learn:

        • Heart reflex
        • Front and rear leg blood supply
        • Sequencing principles
        • Blood Vessels
        • Vascular models

          Day 1:

        • Historic review of the “Rule of the Artery”
        • Comparison and difference between osteopathic and vascular models
        • Upper chest anatomy with vascular system
        • Heart reflex

          Day 2:

        • Mechanical filling patterns
        • Form and function
        • Homunculas motor and sensory
        • Filling (supranation) and emptying (pronation) phases

          Day 3:

        • Canine blood vessels of the rear leg
        • Talo-calcaneous reflex
        • Complete rear leg examination
        • Direct versus indirect techniques
        • Vascular filling and empting patterns

          Day 4:

        • Canine blood vessels of the front leg
        • Radius/ulna reflex
        • Complete front leg examination
        • Vascular filling and emptying patterns