Nutrition Night
      • Spinal Mechanics Class Outline
        Students will learn:
        • Principles of Osteopathy
        • Spinal and sacral mechanics and gait analysis
        • Shears
        • Gluten’s effects on animal motility

           Day 1:

        • Introduction to the Principles of Osteopathy
        • Overview of class goals
        • Hierarchy of protective mechanisms
        • Blueprints of body, fascia explanation
        • Introduction to energetic techniques
        • Mechanical canine exam
        • Explanation – principles of shock (Sympathetic overdrive)

          Day 2:

        • Vascular and lymphatic fluid dynamics overview
        • Heart roll, AV twist and lungs overview and practice
        • Gluten impaction review on kidneys, liver, and musculoskeletal dysfunction
        • Cervical-thoracic lumbo-pelvis mechanics review
        • Cervical exam – practical application on dogs
        • Treatment of cranial base and cervical spine with energetic/functional indirect techniques

          Day 3:

        • Review Type I, Type II spinal mechanics and lumbo – pelvis mechanics
        • Instruction of practical 15-minute treatment strategies
        • Explanation of neurological lateral shears of the spine
        • Introduction to Thomas Myers, LMT fascial outlines

          Day 4:

        • Explanation of pelvic paradigm and its application
        • Explanation of descended/ascended sacral dysfunction
        • Review of mechanical exams in correlation with fascial lines and roll/glide (Arthrokinematics) principles