Nutrition Night
      • Fascia/Dura Manipulation Concepts Class Outline

        Students will learn:

        • Arthrokinematics along the fascial lines
        • Review of connective tissue interrelationships
        • Sequence of treatment for the dura protocol
        • Manipulation of neuro tissue, blood vessels, and nerves
        • Fascial Biomechanics


          Day 1:

        • Introduction to the Principles of Osteopathy
        • Overview of class goals
        • Review of connective tissue inter-relationship with shock, lymph stagnation, and gluten impaction
        • Shock and gluten with “Breaker Theory”

          Day 2:

        • Explain facial lines and Anatomy Trains developed by Thomas Myers, LMT and rolfer
        • Focus on Deep Ventral, Deep Dorsal, and Lateral lines
        • Application to people and animals

          Day 3:

        • Dura protocol introduction
        • Relationship to cranial sacral techniques

          Day 4:

        • Fascial biomechanics
        • Combination of facial lines with neurological gait  cycles